Aims and Objectives




  The aims and objectives of ABC Think tank shall be:

1.  To provide a forum for thinkers in various fields, for sharing their knowledge and experience with fellow members. The forum will have free discussion on matters relating to British Asians and will be open to people from all races to contribute and benefit.

2.  Its activities will benefit the members, British Asian and other non-Asian communities in the UK and abroad. The objective is to extend work to the benefit of not only wider British communities, but also to communities abroad that link to Britain especially in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Iran, Afghanistan, and the Middle Eastern Countries.

3.  To enable the British Asians who have not been back to the Indian subcontinent to withhold their Asian culture and values while living in the UK. 

4.  To bring together British Asians who have made numerous achievements in a spectrum of different fields.

5.  To define more clearly what the term ‘British Asian’ can be taken to really mean, and identifying this definition in context of today’s world of change and uncertainty.

6.  To identify the causes why the British Asians claim to feel discriminated and marginalised by certain members of our society.

7.  The national consensus shows that British Asians are the least educated group in Britain and have the largest rates of unemployment in the UK. Our objective is to think about reasons for this and propose correct solutions to the politicians.

8.  British Asians comprise 4% of the population yet are grossly under-represented in the Parliament. Our objective would be to bring more political awareness in British Asians.

9.  To understand the dynamics of ‘extremism’ seen in British Asians. To propose evidence based and scientific remedies for it.

10. To make efforts to understand; the challenges the British Asians face today both in the UK and abroad, how faith is being misrepresented by some and misunderstood by others.  .

11. To bring to the attention of people at places of decision making how the British Asians perceive their issues.  

12. To provide a forum for the members to establish academic and social links with the policy makers in the UK  and abroad.

13. To participate and contribute towards the activities of other Think tanks.

14. Raise awareness of issues relating to British Asians and help communities to integrate and understand each other better and achieve community cohesion.

15. To contribute to educational, social, scientific, and community work for the benefit of British Asians.

16. Under the above entitled PLC name, and for the above objectives expressed, the company shall have total and complete power and authority to make any rules or regulations, to alter, amend and change the same and to do everything needful for its good maintenance, support and viability as perceived by the share holders.

17. The company is empowered to hold, lease, receive, purchase and convey all manners of property, both real and personal, accept and receive donations, legacies and bequests; to borrow or lend money; to invest its funds as it so chooses

18. The company is empowered to own, publish, conduct, and circulate such literature as will further its expressed purposes; to name and appoint such managers and employees as its interests and convenience may require; and otherwise to do and perform all acts and things requisite and necessary to carry out the aims and objectives of this company. 


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